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Default LG DVD Burner problem Reading only CD's

Hey guys i brought a LG DVD Burner the LG DT ST DVDRAM GH22NS50 bout 2 weeks ago and now its stopped reading DVD's and only reads CD's. Ive updated my firmware , let windows re find it from device manager , cleaned it with a lens cleaner. Still doesn't want to read DVD Disks. Try ed putting in my windows vista disk at start up and it halted a few seconds at the "checking cd" part of Dos start up and then just carried on booting from my hard drive. Any idea's guys or do u think this is just a faulty drive ?


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Default Re: LG DVD Burner problem Reading only CD's

Sounds like their is an issue on the hardware end of things. Might be the DVD reading feature of the drive. First off, I say uninstall the drive & the firmware, the reconnect the drive, and reinstall the driver. If that doesn't work, contact LG and describe the problem to them.

One question, is it still under warranty?

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