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SW:KOTOR Problems, Errors and Help
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Angry Stuck on the Leviathan Bridge

When i enter the bridge on the leviathan to kill admiral karath, the ending scene where karath tells carth that your character is darth Revan does not appear. He just lays on the ground i click on him but nothing happens im just stuck there.

This is the first time this has happened. The latest mods I installed was Jorn's KotOR Saber Mod, Tatooine Job Office (2.3), Red and Black HK-47, and Darth Bandon's Robe and Sith Master Armor 2.0.

I deleted the files for the tatoonie Job mod and i renamed 2 files that cause other issues that i corrected after in the darth bandon mod. If anyone has solutions i would appreciate it thanks.
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Default Re: Stuck on the Leviathan Bridge

I never found a solution to this in the net but i invented it myself. You must save before you enter to room with admiral karath. edit your save. Change the party e.g. for jolee and canderous. run the game. when you enter on bridge the rest of your party won't enter so you can open doors to hangar bay select e.g. jolee as part leader and go to the lift save and load the game. your entire party should be near lift and you can go off from leviathan after encounter with malak.
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Default Re: Stuck on the Leviathan Bridge

I think it is the Jorn Saber mod that could be causing it as I have encountered this bug too and that saber mod is the only thing our games have in common.
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