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ST:EF Modding, Mapping and Editing
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Default GTK Problem

Im using gtkradiant 1.4 on vista ultimate 64-bit. I had to run in compatibility mode (win 98) just to get it to show up properly and even then its still a little discolored but nothing major.

On to the problem, when loading a texture category, such as common, or borg1, only a handful of textures load. The rest are red and black squares. I've tried all I know to try to fix it, any suggestions? Thanks.

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Default Re: GTK Problem

The program shows red and black squares when it can't find the actual textures. My guess is that when you installed Radient, you didn't set the install path for Elite Force correctly.

I don't know about Vista, but in Windows 7, programs that usually installed to the Program Files folder now install to the Program Files x86 folder (vs the Program Files x64 folder)

When you installed Radient, it would not have autodetected this change. I had to change this when I installed Radient.
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