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Default Actor.ltx description

Hey guys, I'm sorta confused with some lines of the actor.ltx file and i want to tweak it for my own gaming expierence. I'll give what i "think" the line does along with my current value, if I am wrong in my assumption in what the line does please correct me and if you have any comments on my values I'd be glad to anwser

[actor_condition] satiety_v = 0.0005 ;скорость уменьшени сытости со временем radiation_v = 0.00001 ;скорость уменьшени радиации satiety_power_v = 0.00055 ;увеличение силы при уменьшении сытости satiety_health_v = 0.0001 ;увеличение здоровь при уменьшении сытости satiety_critical = 0.0 ;критическое значени сытости (в процентах от 0..1) когда здоровье начианает уменьшатьс radiation_health_v = 0.004 ;уменьшение здоровь при воздействии радиации morale_v = 0.0001 ;скорость восстановлени морали psy_health_v = 0.001 ;скорость восстановлени psy-здоровь alcohol_v = -0.0003 health_hit_part = 1.0 ;процент хита, уходщий на отнимание здоровь power_hit_part = 0.1 ;процент хита, уходщий на отнимание силы max_power_leak_speed = 0.0 ;накопление усталости (макс граница, до которой восстанавливаетс сила) в секунду игрового времени max_walk_weight = 90 bleeding_v = 0.001 ;потер крови при номинальной ране в секунду wound_incarnation_v = 0.0003 ;скорость заживлени раны min_wound_size = 0.0256 ;минимальный размер раны, после которого она считаетс зажившей jump_power = 0.01 ;0.005 ;умешьшение силы с прыжком без учета веса ноши jump_weight_power = 0.05 ;0.045 ;умешьшение силы с прыжком с учетом веса ноши, дл максимального допустимого веса overweight_jump_k = 5;10 ;10 ;коэффициент влиние перегрузки прыжок с весом (умножаетс на jump_weight_power) stand_power = -0.005 walk_power = 0.00004 ;умешьшение силы за секнду во врем ходьбы без учета веса ноши walk_weight_power = 0.00006; ;умешьшение силы за секнду во врем ходьбы с учетом веса ноши, дл максимального допустимого веса overweight_walk_k = 5;9 ;10 ;коэффициент влиние перегрузки ноши (умножаетс на walk_weight_power) accel_k = 3;5 ;коэффициент на бег (умножаетс walk_power, walk_weight_power) sprint_k = 75;150;185;180;200; ;коэффициент на "sprint" бег (умножаетс walk_power, walk_weight_power)
Satiety_v = how quickly you get hungry, higher value means faster hunger
radiation_v = how quickly you get damaged from radiation, higher value more damage per sec or whatever the interval is
saietry_power_v = how much damage you take from hunger, per interval
satiety_health_v = no idea
satiety_critical = no idea
radiation_health_v = how quickly you recover from radiation naturally, higher value means quicker recovery
morale_v = no idea
psy_health_v = natural recovery from psy attacks, higher value means quicker recovery
alchohol_v = how quickly you recover from drunkeness, higher value means quicker recovery
health_hit_part = no idea
power_hit_part = no idea
max_power_leak_speed = dunno
max_walk_weight= how much you can hold before you can no longer move from weight of backpack (either that or the point in which you can't run anymore due to weight in backpack)
bleeding_v= how quickly your bleeding damages and worsens, higher value means quicker death
wound_incarnation_v = how quickly you naturally stop bleeding, higher value is quicker time to stop bleeding
min_wound_size = no idea
jump_power = how much endurance is used when you jump
jump_weight_power = how much endurance is used when you jump while overloaded to the point of not being able to run
stand_power = how much you recover endurance when you stop moving (because of -negitave value)
walk_power = how much endurance you use when walking
overweight_walk_k = no idea
accel_k = i forget
sprint_k = i forget

There is also the line in actor under ";--when actor in sleep" that is commented out
;health_restore_v = 0.0001
I'm assuming that the line in code above could technically be used before the sleep area (for coding simplicity not actual code effect) to control natural heath regenration, where higher would be faster health regen

I understand that I might not have this post in the correct area, but i'm just curious to what these lines "really" do before i tinker anymore from someone who's more experienced than me!

Thanks everyone

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Default Re: Actor.ltx description

i think changing satiety_power makes you recover power faster and slower, same for satiety_health. i messed with them once and had a weird effect where i was bleeding massively all the time but i was healing faster so i didnt die...(also messed with bleeding value of course)
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Default Re: Actor.ltx description

what about if i would like to make myself jump higher... say jump twice as high as default... how do you make that?
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Default Re: Actor.ltx description

here are some translations of the devs comments:

satiety_v = 0.000015; speed of reduction of satiety in due course
radiation_v = 0.0001; speed of reduction of radiation
satiety_power_v = 0.000055; increase in force at reduction of satiety
satiety_health_v = 0.0001; increase in health at reduction of satiety
satiety_critical = 0.0; critical values of satiety (in percentage of 0..1) when health ????????? to decrease
radiation_health_v = 0.004; reduction of health at influence of radiation
morale_v = 0.0001; speed of restoration of morals
psy_health_v = 0.001; speed of restoration of psy-health
alcohol_v = -0.0003
health_hit_part = 1.0; the percent of a hit leaving on ????????? of health
power_hit_part = 0.1; the percent of a hit leaving on ????????? of force
max_power_leak_speed = 0.0; accumulation of weariness (???? border up to which force is restored) in a second of game time
max_walk_weight = 60

bleeding_v = 0.0005; loss of blood at a nominal wound in a second
wound_incarnation_v = 0.003; speed of healing of a wound
min_wound_size = 0.0256; the minimal size of a wound after which it is considered begun to live

hope this sheds some light, I am also trying to figure out these same variables at the mo.

edit, so satiety = fullness, reduction of satiety = hunger
power = endurance

edit2: use this program for modifying jump height: Stalker Actor Modifier - SAM, Stalker Downloads, Stalker Miscellaneous

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Default Re: Actor.ltx description

To jump heigher you need to edit this line:

jump_speed = 6.

If you change it to something extreme (12 or above) make sure you also edit these lines:

ph_crash_speed_min = 14
ph_crash_speed_max = 30

The higher the number, the further you can fall without hurting yourself. If you don't change these, you'll take damage everytime you land from a high jump.
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