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Default RTCW 2 to use Havok physics tech?

I found a thread on where people were talking about RTCW 2 possibly using Havok physics.

Here's the link:

Doom 3 world • View topic - RTCW2 to use Havok physics tech

If this is true, then I think RTCW 2 will obviously not only have awesome graphics but some really sweet physics aswell.
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I have read that the name game Carmack is working is not related to any of the existing franchises. I don't know if that's entirely true though.
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Default Re: RTCW 2 to use Havok physics tech?

Actually, the modified ETQuakeWars/Doom3 engine would have been fine and it is really good for thwarting/at least making aimbotting difficult to get by with.
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