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LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth 2 Discussion
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Hi I am new to BFME, and I was wondering. I never played the game yet, but was wondering. Is it like AoE? or more like Starcraft? Because I am a huge fan of AoE. And if BFME is anything like that, I would definitely give it a big chance.

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Not like AoE or Starcraft, it's not like one person=one unit, when you buy one unit you get a battalion and BFMe2 is anywhere build so yes it's kind of like Starcraft and AoE but with no traders.

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Instead of buying one unit you buy 1 battalion. A battalion can consist of up to -I believe- 15 units. Then you have create a hero's where you can determine what they look like, their attributes (As in how strong their attack and armor is, then how much health they have, and their vision range.) Then last of all, you can customize the create a hero's powers, there is a large variety of powers, ranging from Elven Healing, to a Dwaven Bombardment to a Wizards Fireball.

Another concept of the game unlike the first BFME, as Fire^Play mentioned is the build anywhere concept. This is probably a mistake by EA games, because the First BFME offered a more unique universe to diverse themselves in.

On various maps, where there are oceans or large bodies of water, you can have 'ship wars'.

You can recruit various hero's from your citadel, depending on which faction you are. You can also build your create a hero from your citadel. Hero's can be ranked to ten, on most hero's for every level you level up you acquire a new power for the Hero to use. A hero is ranked up for every individual unit it kills.

Then for each faction there is a so called armory where you can purchase upgrades for all of your units. Some factions can acquire upgrades from their barracks. Once you have purchased the upgrade at you barracks/armory you can click on an individual squad and purchase the upgrade.

When I think of more I'll let you know.

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