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Thumbs up Westcoast Roleplay

Hello, here I'll present you the Westcoast Roleplay server.

Open 24/7 Since may 2009



Do NOT Hack/Cheat or alter game files to gain an advantage.
Do NOT Use abusive language that may offend other players.
Respect all players in the server and do not spam the chatbox.
Please use a nickname in Firstname_Lastname format.
Do NOT use a nondiscript name using &*%@ etc or numbers.
Do NOT use a nickname using names of Historical Tyrants.
Bug abusing, Random acts of Murder, Metagaming and Power gaming are not permitted.
Drive by shootings are not allowed if you are the driver.
For more detailed rules about the server and the forums please visit our website
Heli killing - Car parking is not allowed.



Jonny_Rapper (Admin)


Dandy_Matt (Admin / Founder)

German_Nator(Admin / Mapper / Founder)


Robert_Crawford (Admin/Westcoast roleplay site owner)


West_Rider (Admin / Founder)



This mode has a Los Angeles style in it, you can choose to be a crip or blood or any other family.
While being a blood you may get in trouble with the crips.
You can earn money by gang banging crips.
In Westcoast Roleplay you will need different type of materials in order to make guns, this type of materials are A,B,C and D. (D materials are not being used at the moment, maybe in the future.)
Ofcourse you can live the American dream in Westcoast Roleplay you may want to buy a house wherever you want, well that's possible.
Each house level costs 50k, we've got 10 levels.
As well you can be a trucker which pays really well, truckers actually do different type of trips.
You can go to the Gym to train and earn training points, after you earn training points you can learn new fighting styles.
Medic is a public faction meaning that everyone can be a medic because it is a job.Medics can heal themselves up to 3 times in an hour, as well they can heal other people.

We've got:

Dynamic Housing

17+ types of different jobs.

Trucking roleplay

Over 21 factions (some of them have free slots)

Custom gang creation so you can make your own gang ( /gangmake [name])

4 type of Drugs.

4 type of Weapon material runs (A,b,c and D) type of material runs.

Now if you get hurt you will fall to the ground for 15 seconds until you heal.

You can call 411 "/call 411" to get a list of jobs.

The paramedics are now an open faction which means that it is a job now, everyone can join and work as a paramedic.


-Pizza man (legal job)

-Mercenary (legal job)

-Lawyer (legal job)

-Bus driver (legal job)

-Arms dealer (illegal job)

-Drugs dealer (illegal job)

-Mechanic (legal job)

-Garbage picker (legal job)

-Car dealer (legal job)

-Car jacker (illegal job)

-Fisherman (legal job)

-Whore (illegal job)

-Boxer (legal job)

-Trucker (legal job)

-Paramedic (legal job)

-Disc jockey (DJ) (legal job)

-Paper boy (legal job)





-La razza












-Al qaeda

-Armed forces

-Driving school


-The Saints

-The Leone Crime family

-Mischief Devils Motorcycle Club

A custom help menu:

Arms: all about arms dealer information, what to do and more.

Licenses: All about Car licenses and other stuff.

Status: Watching your ingame status.

Jobs: Commands and help.

Animations: Wanna show some animations? , here they are.

Chat: What's OOC, local and /b .

Bank: All about the bank.

Bleeding: All about bleeding.

Factions: All about factions.

Commands: commands for families.

Housing: Housing In Westcoast Roleplay.

Housingcommands: Housing commands In Westcoast Roleplay.

Familycommands: Family commands In Westcoast Roleplay.

Type /Help topic for help, example: /help arms dealer

If you would like to see the classic menu type /help2 .

Enjoy of our server.


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I'm too cool to Post
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Unhappy Re: Westcoast Roleplay

West ! do you remember me ?? Ruben I was th cop, i cant find you anywhere !! where are you?!
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