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Lightbulb Oppsion Fronts - LAN ?

I was wondering if certain files from CoH could be copied over to Opposing Fronts to allow for LAN play. Play on Relic for "OF" seems to be better than CoH, but Hamachi still provides a better connection, with NO lag grace.

Any modders / programmers out there?

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elfurreto should make some friends

first no,
because OF is still in close Beta and the option to play via local network is not "hard codder" i think ( but i'm not 100% sure )

Second I hate you ( kidding ) because you had a Key to play !!!

Third, maybe i do not hate you because you wish for LAN and Himachi cause you Don't have a key to play online ( lol, not kdding this time !! )

But directly ask relic ( maybe via THQ Costumer support ) for that particular info,

hope i helped you a bit.

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