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CoH Modding, Mapping and Editing
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Default how to play mod's???


when i'm installed the mod i don't know how to play it in sp when i'm play coh (just by the shortcut) i can't chose for any mod's please help me
(sorry for my bad englisch i'm just nog good at it)
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Default Re: how to play mod's???

well, it depends on what mod ur trying to run. if you have properly installed it as the instructions would have said, right click on yor CoH shortcut and COPY it so u can still have easy access to the origonal. Now, with the copied version, right click and go to PROPERTIES. from ther, it should say in the GENERAL tab, TARGET. type, at the END (farthest right) as follows:
(You will NEED to put a space before adding this line)

-modname <modname.module, such as Storm_Of_Steel.module, discluding the "<>">

You will need to add -dev after the modname. Your new Target should look like this:
"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -modname Storm_of_Steel -dev

but, be sure to place the name of whatever mod you have instead of Storm_Of_Steel (you can check in the location u installed it what the name of the module is)
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