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CoH Modding, Mapping and Editing
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Default Height And spline Mode help (Mapping)

heya, just wanna know some good tips about making these perfect smooth hills in maps, and how to make "ramps" with the spline-thing.. Other uses for the spline will be accepted too :P ( i know how to make these smooth roads and walls )
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I don't use splines for hills. I just keep playing with the Height tool. I add and subtract then smooth it all out untill it looks good. I also play with the strength and size of the terrain height brush so I can be more accurate. To make exact heights in certain areas you can use the spline tool with the Deform option selected. Just click Deform, make your spline then put how high you want it in. If you want to use the terrain height tool to smooth out your deform spline you have to "Bake" the spline. When you click "Bake" the terrain edited by the spline is no longer on the spline meaning it can then be edited with the terrain height tool.Hope this helps, let me know if you aren't clear about something.
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