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CoD4 Modding, Mapping and Editing
Want more info about a Mod? Making a Mod? Looking for Modders, Mappers, Skinners, etc.? This is your Spot!

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Default Cod4 Gungame Mod Server New!!!

Try this fantastic mod........ []ITA@*GUNGAME MOD Beautifull Girl*

How to play the GunGame MOD?
Very simple all participants starting with weapons bases, when you get to frag (kill just one person) climb level automatically and then pass next level (weapon)... if you are killed you go back to a level and then resumed the previous weapon ... etc. .... Vince those coming to the last level (knife) I assure you that the fun is assured, especially if all participants are TS in lol
For pass level need 2 kill
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