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Looking for a clanmatch? Looking for clan members? Wanna join a clan? This is the place to be!

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Recruiting!! Join Us !!
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exclaim [DTO]clan recruiting!


Hello COD4 players! The [DTO] clan is now recruiting to create a strong team with all intentions of moving forward. We are fairly new and slowly growing. We have a TDM hardcore server as of right now and are looking to populate this server. If you are interested in joining or even just playing on our server with some friendly players on the pc platform our server ip and port is
We have a website at which you may find out more about our clan If you are interested in joining out team click on the link and sign up. Application is in the forums section which you can fill out after you sign up. Hope you check us out and join our team. At the present time the times of teammates are scattered as we are still in the process of growing and are small but are very interested in new members. Email to send application is posted in the application area to which you may send it. Thank you and hope to see new players on the battlefield!

Head Admin

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