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CoD Problems, Errors and Help
Call of Duty not working? Need Help? Got useful tips on (technical) difficulties you experienced? Post all your problems and suggestions here!

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Default Multiplayer Constantly Freezing

Ok guys, i've run call of duty without error pretty much since its release. A few days ago i decided to upgrade my computer for Doom 3/HL2 etc.. etc... The specs are as follows:

MSI K8N neo platinum 64bit motherboard
AMD 3000+ CPU
ATI 9800 pro video card
1 gig of ram
120 gig raptor hardrive
Running XP-Pro etc.. etc..

Ok, so right after setting up my new PC, i installed CoD as, and joined a random MP game to test out the system. It ran beautifully, until about 10 minutes into the game. Every 5-10 minutes my entire game freezes (lasting roughly 5 seconds) and then quickly throws me back into action just as quickly as it began. This happens frequently/regularly and is hell during matches. When i check the cg_lagometer as this happens (After the game freeze finishes) the usually flat green bar has a huge space in it, followed by a vertical red line in both the ping/video sections of the lagometer. (The top and the bottom spike completely)

As i said, this happens roughly every 5-10 minutes, and only began after i installed CoD on my new computer. So what do i need to do to stop this, and/or what is the problem here? I'm planning on installing new Vid drivers in the near future, but i have doubts as to how much that will help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Arrow Re: Multiplayer Constantly Freezing

I have read about this problem on other COD forums,and it seems to be a problem with the N'force3 chipset on the Neo platinum m/board,but if this post is anything to go by,MSI are working on the problem.

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