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CoD Problems, Errors and Help
Call of Duty not working? Need Help? Got useful tips on (technical) difficulties you experienced? Post all your problems and suggestions here!

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Default whats the problem? (blinking and flashing screen)

day I recieved CoD for Christmas. So I take it to my computer and install it. I put Disc 1 and click on CoD Singleplayer. So Im at the intro and I do not feel like watching it so I just click and the screen just blinks and it sits there for 5 mins and I restart my computer. I click in and watch the intro this time. I get into the game perfectly... So I come out and go in again. I click on the screen with the intro and it starts blinking and flashing again. So I restart my computer again and this time I click on Multiplayer and I get in and it starts blinking and flashing what the hell is going on? Im running a Pentium 4 800MHz Nividia GeForce4 420 Go..Any thoughts on what might be wrong?
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Default Re: whats the problem? (blinking and flashing screen)

try to update your 3d-card drivers from the site of your laptop manufacter and have you already installed direct x 9.0 b. if you haven't got a laptop you must download it from the nvideasite. are you sure you have got a pentium if not don't worry it will work perfect then. (sorry for my bad english)
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Default Re: whats the problem? (blinking and flashing screen)

yeah, i'm having the same problem. I have mobile pentium, also with geforce 420 go.. it does the same thing. I found out from somebody that if u right lcick on singleplayer shortcut and go to properties, enter
+set cl_motd 0
so it reads
"C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDSP.exe" +set cl_motd 0

this seemed to have removed the blinking and flashing.

But, I have another problem. The game crashes to desktop a few seconds after i start playing, butin various places. very annoying cos i can't play the game! can anyone help??
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