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Default 13th Airborne Division :: 515th PIR :: Baker Company

515th Parachute Infantry Regiment
13th Airborne Divsion
Baker Company
13th AB is a new tactical realism unit that is still looking for players that want to be officers and actually lead starting from SSgt. and then lower ranks. We be using real airborne tactics. The three main components of this unit are as follows:


These 3 components must be followed to keep this unit disciplined.

Our forums:
Our TS IP:
Password: upyours
CoD:Uo GFM Server IP: (Shared with [90th ID])

Please visit our forums atleas to get a feel for our Tacitcal Realism Community.

Our forums once again are:

Thank You~

Sanchez, Mark
13th Airborne Division
Baker Company, 515th PIR
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Default Re: 13th Airborne Division :: 515th PIR :: Baker Company

God Wilco, lets hope you actually stay with this unit. I know all about your clan hopping past, and dont' deny it.
SptFir37: OK, so you are saying you are not Hollock?
Snowborder Brett: No, I am not.
SptFir37: ......
Snowborder Brett: What?
Snowborder Brett: You asked me all those questions. Im not Hollock for the last time.
SptFir37: The two same AIM names.
SptFir37: I checked.
Snowborder Brett: Aww, Jesus christ......Im sry....
SptFir37: ..........
Snowborder Brett: Kick me from 26th if you want
SptFir37: Why would I kick you?
SptFir37: You told me you weren't Hollock.
Snowborder Brett: Cuz you think im Hollock.
SptFir37: But, you told me you weren't...
Snowborder Brett: And your saying I am
SptFir37: Are you?
Snowborder Brett: yes....
SptFir37: Why'd you lie to me?
Snowborder Brett: would think Im a clan hopper..
Snowborder Brett: When I left 17th AB cuz they pissed Bauer and a bunch of us off
Snowborder Brett: I really like your unit and all
Snowborder Brett: Your the only unit that has active CO's and NCO's
This aboive is a conversation with my leader and Sanchez here maybe a week ago.

Originally Posted by Collins [26th ID]
I was a member of the 17th AB at one time, and we had one member who left, and began clan hopping, and it was all over the 17th forums. I ran into them while in the 17th, and now after forming the 26th, we've run into them again with 5th RB. The 5th RB's TS was the same as Wilco's old clan's TS. I decided to investigate and this is what I found.
Malarky = 17th --> Left unit and joined another.
Hollock = 29th/4th --> He changed to Hollock after leaving 17th.
Wilco = 29th/4th ---> He changed to Wilco while in these units.
Wilco = 5th RB ------> He was Wilco in the 5th, which sparked my investigation.
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: Got some bad news Sir
2Lt. Sisson [26th ID]: what
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: about Wilco
2Lt. Sisson [26th ID]: i heard
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: oh
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: But...
2Lt. Sisson [26th ID]: hes leaving cause of school
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: he said about grades
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: That is not true
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: He joined my brothers unit
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: 1.FJ
2Lt. Sisson [26th ID]: WHAT?
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: Yes, I cant lie to you. he told me not to tell
Pvt. Kenney [26th ID]: You can tell him I told you, but I would rather u not
2Lt. Sisson [26th ID]: im not gonna say anything
A day after this xfire conversation, he left and formed the 13thAD.
He cant hold onto a clan for more then 2 weeks, but manageed to stay in the 5th RBN for more then 3 months.
Im letting you know this guys past so you can decide wisely whether to join his unit or not. My command staff trusted him in our unit and he turned around and withdrew his application for this crappy reason:
Originally Posted by Wilco
*Application Withdrawn*
For now. I got in trouble with my parents and they said that I wont be able to play the pc anymore until my grades go up. I wont have time for practices now. So im sry to say that I have to withdraw my app. Once my grades get back up, ill be able to join.


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Default Re: 13th Airborne Division :: 515th PIR :: Baker Company

Im sorry if you are not Wilco, but my intelligence stated you are Wilco who formed the 13th AD so im just posting this
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Default Re: 13th Airborne Division :: 515th PIR :: Baker Company

I think I might know who you are Sanchez... Hmm.

I can't quite remember.. Was your name Simonds in 17th AB?

If so, PM me if its you.

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