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CnC Modding, Mapping and Editing
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Default Changing "rules" of RA3

Anyone know how easily done, if at all, it is to change the "rules" of RA3, like could be done with the original red alert? I always liked changing when a nuke was available, or the cost of buildings and stuff and I haven't seen anything like that with this. Admitedly it's been a long time since I played C&C, so I figured I'd ask the experts.
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Default Re: Changing "rules" of RA3

If you're asking if there is a file called "rules.ini" the answer is no. Fact is that the game is still so new that wery few people have figured out how to change the tinyest elements.

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Default Re: Changing "rules" of RA3

Anazonda is indeed correct. If you are looking to extract that ever so missed ".Ini" file, you're S.O.L. RA3 builds off of the SAGE engine's ".BIG" files, which you can download the .BigExtractor here on Command and Conquer 3, Command and Conquer 3 Downloads - , but the design is a mess and modifying ANYTHING takes alot of trial, error, or moderate knowledge in Coding/Scripting.

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