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BF2 Problems, Errors and Help
Battlefield 2 not working? Need Help? Post all your problems here!

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Default Re: Booster pack registration problem

you can call the manufacturer...

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Default Re: Booster pack registration problem

I also fixed it through EA support. They give you a "ticket" number and answer your questions. Eventually (after giving them a buttload of information) they manually registered my booster pack.

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Default Re: Booster pack registration problem

Originally Posted by halo2poo View Post
In the manual, I was told to register the booster pack to a link so I went there and I had to type in the code on the back of the manual so I did. When I clicked "enter" it says the code is invalid. I don't know what's wrong. I checked the code more than 5 times and it was typed correctly. I really want to play this expansion pack.
I had that last year but I can't recall the fix. The 3 sets of numbers are labeled wrong I think, and needed to use Sp Forces# for the game or the Armoured Fury or something. The correct code number is there.
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