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AoM Problems, Errors and Help
Age of Mythology not working? Need Help? Post all your problems here!

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Default Age Of Mythology problem.

need urgent assistence

after the intro of age of mythology , it automatically shuts down and says "initialization failed", anyone know whats causing this to occur. and how to fix this problem, also as i start said game up , it says "unable to determine status of video card" , any know how i can resolve these problem's

thanks in advance
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General Video Issues
If your video adapter drivers are not up to date, you may receive the following error message:

- Initialization failed
If this occurs, first check the “Hardware-Specific Video Issues” section of this article to see if your video adapter is listed with specific steps to fix this issue. If your video adapter is not listed under Hardware-Specific Video Issues, see the following Microsoft Knowledge base article:
811553 Age of Mythology: "Initialization Failed" Error Message When You Try to Start Age of Mythology

If your video adapter does not meet the minimum game requirements, you may receive the following error message:

This video adapter is not supported by Age of Mythology. Please check for a full list of supported video adapters. Age of Mythology will now close.
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Default can't finish scenario

OK, for the past couple of weeks I've been playing the AOM scenario.
I'm at the end, back in Atlantis. I'm almost ready for the final battle. While building my monument to Zeus (Wonder) I've gone ahead and taken all the enemy settlements and Vaults of Plenty, so I have plenty of resources and a big army. My civilization is now at the maximum population of 300.

Everything is going fine, except ...

When I finish building the monument, a mysterious voice says to use this gift to defeat the enemy. According to the hint box, I'm supposed to use the new God power granted to me on Arkantos. Supposedly this power will enable Arkantos to defeat the Living Statue of Poseidon.

My problem? No God power. Nothing materializes in the God Powers box at the top of the screen.
Am I missing something? Where is this supposed to be visible? Does it take the place of the meteor? I've used all of those. Does it take the place of the Bronze skin power? I hadn't used that yet when I was supposed to have been granted the new god power.

Do you have to use the bronze skin power BEFORE finishing the statue? Is that why the new power didn't materialize? Or is their simply a glitch?

By the way, I upgraded with the newest patch mid-game. Is that the problem? I don't want to have to start over all the way from the beginning.
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I have finished the campaign and I had no problem with that. I don't think you need to use your other god powers first, that would be strange. I suggest that you just play that campaign again and see if the god power is still missing.

You probabaly won't be able to win that one without it.

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is that the power that makes arkantos uber?

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